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Your team is an invaluable component to the success of your organization… going it alone and not consulting with experts can prove disastrous.  In addition to legal, tax accounting, financing, insurance, property management, and rehab construction experts, having a committed team of real estate brokerage professionals at your command can make the difference between a highly successful investment and one that does not provide the desired returns.


A wise investor will leverage the strengths of as many outside advisors as possible to maximize their investment yields.  To help achieve our clients’ goals and objectives, we provide more personalized attention and offer the following services:


Comparative Pricing Analysis

Having an accurate understanding of your property’s value in today’s ever-changing market is critically important to asset management and over-all portfolio decision making.


  • Smarter hold / refi / sell decisions

  • Identify value-add opportunities

  • Property tax / insurance auditing

  • ​Remain aware of net worth

  • Capitalize on market timing

  • Achieve the highest possible ROI


What is your property worth in today’s market?

Multifamily investing is a team sport.  Your success depends greatly on who you surround yourself with.  To make informed investing decisions, you need a team of qualified, competent, and hard-working professionals that have your best interests in mind.


We are your solution to counter market uncertainty, ownership headaches, and not achieving your target exit strategy… all of which can be costly to your equity and draining to your peace of mind.


From acquisition, capital raises and financing, to ownership issues and eventual asset disposition, our team can help you leverage your most valuable asset – your time.  At Multifamily Advisory Group, we are your outsourced advisors for all things apartment ownership related.


Asset Sales

There are a tremendous number of variables that can affect achieving the maximum sale price of an asset.  The strategy should be to expose the asset to the largest possible buyer pool and “make a market” that will produce multiple options and choices for the seller.

Our approach begins with creating a custom marketing program that is tailored to both the needs of the client and to each specific property.  We have a full marketing team that creates first-class marketing materials, and we leverage every tool at our disposal including our own extensive buyer database, CoStar, LoopNet, CREXi, and other direct to broker and investor advertising mediums.


Additionally, most brokerage firms do not cooperate with outside brokers i.e. they expect to be able to source a buyer from their existing client database.  This poses several negative issues for a seller, not the least of which is the inherent conflict of interest presented.


If the same listing agent brings you the buyer, there’s the possibility that you’re leaving money on the table: money that’s in the pocket of the buyer that should be part of your sale proceeds.


We will co-broker with any other real estate professional in the country if they can bring our sellers the highest priced offer with the highest surety of close.  For us, it’s about maximizing the sale proceeds for our seller clients and not about earning the biggest personal commissions.


We have a massive action marketing approach that creates tremendous reach for our listings, and our clients have found that this is the best way to achieve their desired results.  Every assignment is staffed with an integrated and customized team which provides high-level execution to achieve the best results possible for our clients.


Today, more than ever, capital is moving around the country from one market to another trying to find the highest yields.  At Multifamily Advisory Group, we will make a national market for your asset sale and co-broker with other agents to source the most qualified buyers who are willing to pay the highest price on the best terms suitable to meet our client’s goals.


Buy-side Advisory

There’s an old adage in real estate investing: “You make your money when you buy, not when you sell”.  A second opinion on the current value of an acquisition target i.e. the CAP rate that the market is willing to assign to an audited Net Operating Income, as well as the future potential of an investment, are two critical components for making sure you earn the most profit when it comes time to exit that asset.

If you’ve analyzed and know the local market, if you understand the future outlook of the geographic area, and if you have assembled the best team of experts, you are ready to make a purchase.


Some markets might seem attractive buying markets, but they might also be markets that are difficult to sell in (because of the myriad and complex market fundamentals that effect the future value of any asset), and you may not be able to exit at the price point or in the timeframe that’s required to meet your return goals.


Additionally, failing to properly analyze an asset’s annual operating expenses, future capital expenditures, and other holding period costs could squash your annual net operating returns.  Neglecting to put in the time to conduct proper due diligence on an opportunity can cost you a lot of money after the acquisition.


We help investors understand the economic fundamentals and future potential and can provide answers to the questions investors should be asking.  We will advise, audit, and challenge the seller’s financials to make sure that the investment is valid at a specific price point.  We conduct rental rate surveys of similar properties in the surrounding area so you’re not just guessing at what market rents and potential value-add rents could be for a particular acquisition target.


It’s also important to understand the particular local and regional macro market forces that drive real estate values in any given geographic area.  Things like crime rate, quality of schools, transportation access, local amenities, etc. have a significant impact on the stability of income and appreciation potential of real estate in those areas.


Sometimes the best investment isn’t located in a market that you already know well.  And it’s nearly impossible to have market knowledge on every single market in one’s desired geographic target area.  Things like job growth, population growth, future economic development plans and announcements, etc. are key factors you’ll want to be aware of.


You need Multifamily Advisory Group to help you sort through all of this.  Our local market expertise can assist investors from other markets who can’t possibly be familiar with the particular attributes – both positive and negative – of every market they want to invest in.


Listing agents represent the sellers.  Don’t go it alone and rely on the seller’s agent to advise you on particulars of any given market.  Also, understanding the seller’s motivation can be key to getting the best deal; and we can help you sift through the “listing agent-speak” to uncover what the real needs and motivations of a seller are so you can better structure your offer in order to “win” the deal.


And remember, you’re not buying a deal based on how it performed for the seller… you’re buying it based on how well it can perform under your ownership.  But you need to make accurate decisions when analyzing the future financial performance potential.  And the factors that can affect this are extensive and varied.  It helps to have a trusted and knowledgeable advisor when undertaking this analysis.  This is how we help create a competitive advantage for every one of our clients.


Additionally, our vast network of direct relationships with owners and brokers throughout the Southeast allows us to source quality assets for our buyer investor clients.  Our extensive knowledge of the specific local markets can uncover more investment opportunities – whether they are promoted on-market or are from owners we know who would entertain an offer “off-market”.


You should want an experienced advisor in your corner, and we put an acquisition specialist on your team so that you have an agent on your side.  Plus, we often invest equity into the deals we transact… we put our money where our mouth is when we represent a client.


In real estate investing, your experience, coupled with the knowledge of your team, can lead to the greatest success.  By having a plan and understanding your CAP rate expectations and investment return goals, as well as your tolerance for downside risk, Multifamily Advisory Group will help you weigh up how an opportunity fits into your current portfolio… allowing for steps to build future growth that is right for you and your investment business.


Equity Funding

Multifamily Advisory Group’s network of qualified capital partners allows us to support your own capital raise efforts and to augment the needs of each individual client.

If you aren’t actively raising money before each new deal is brought to you, you’re going to be frantically scrambling to find investors as you submit your offer.  Not only can raising money in a hurry be a task fraught with challenges and frustration, but it will also hamper your ability to get your offers accepted.


Additionally, as is sometimes the case, you will have investors who expressed an interest in a particular deal who will back out prior to closing… and having us available to provide an excess or reserve will help fill in the shortfall amount which may cause you to lose a deal – along with your earnest money.


Whether sourcing preferred equity, sponsor equity, or traditional joint ventures, we can match specific needs with the appropriate equity provider.  We maintain relationships with various equity investors – including investment funds, high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutional firms to identify the ideal capital source and investment structure for your acquisitions or re-capitalizations.


If you utilize outside equity funding, an important part of making profitable real estate deals is having choices to pick from.  Multifamily Advisory Group can support these efforts and help make sure you’re selecting the most cost effective capital at any given time.


Debt Sourcing

With so many mortgage options, deciding which financing approach is best for each acquisition can be a daunting task… especially as lender underwriting and approval criteria can change on a daily basis.

You should be wary of making a costly mistake.  Missing out on a quarter point of interest rate on a multi-million dollar loan can cost you tens of thousands of dollars on an annual basis in forgone cash-flow.


To succeed in this business, you need a clear understanding of how to get the best deal on financing.  So turn to financing experts for that.  We have direct relationships with Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac DUS lenders, banks, private funding sources, and other mortgage professionals that can help make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.


Each lender is unique, and we will take the time to understand the important details to ensure that our clients achieve every objective.  Our solutions are designed to maximize each client’s needs according to their specific situations and criteria, and we encompass all transaction types.


Through the use of solid relationships and financing solutions, Multifamily Advisory Group can help maximize the returns of our clients’ real estate holdings via the most competitive debt options available.


Operational Consulting

The cure for putting your capital in jeopardy is knowledge.  Understanding the market, knowing the neighborhoods, and having the best team in place allows the savvy investor to leverage their own knowledge to earn the highest investment returns possible.

Our approach to achieving the best results for our clients begins with understanding the current market conditions, anticipating future trends, and having access to the most accurate market intelligence.


Having been multifamily property owner / operators ourselves, we are acutely aware of the issues, challenges, and procedures of successful apartment property operations.


Finding the most suitable third-party manager (if you don’t self-manage) can make or break the success of a given investment opportunity.


If you use third-party property management, let us help you take the necessary time to select and vet the best vendor for each specific property in your portfolio.  We have connections at many top-rated, third-party property management firms in all the markets where we operate.


Additionally, if desired, we can assist with referrals to several multifamily real estate focused attorneys, insurance agents, and rehab contractors to make sure your projects are handled properly.


Multifamily agents are a dime a dozen, especially in the Atlanta metro market.  Choose one that can do more for you than just submit an offer or market a listing.